Angela Bees ’07

Angela Bees

My dream to swathe women in beautifully cut designs began as a sophomore in high school. I had always been artsy and in love with God’s artistic creations, but it was at this time in my life that I started to appreciate the marvelous intricacies and complexities of the human form. I wanted to highlight and complement with clothing this greatest of God’s designs — us!

My education at SPU was instrumental in developing a skillset to reach my goals of becoming a well-rounded fashion designer. Resources upon resources were available to satisfy my hunger for knowledge. The fashion program itself opened my eyes to the unique role clothing plays in our lives — its ability to express and meet emotional, cultural, social, and physical needs and associations. My skillset grew exponentially as I studied pattern drafting, draping, illustration, and apparel construction. I gleaned business information from apparel industry classes and my business minor. My mind was wrapped around the cyclical nature of fashion through study of the industry’s history.

Most importantly, however, I came to see that fashion was a calling God had placed on my life. In a culture fraught with eating disorders, obsession with appearance, and self-esteem issues, now more than ever the fashion industry needs Christian designers who value and serve the inherent beauty and diversity of the human form. Nature speaks of the Creator’s love for variety. As a designer, I seek to follow in the original Designer’s footsteps and serve the variety of people he created.

I cannot speak highly enough of SPU’s fashion program and faculty. A professor closely familiar with my work was the catalyst launching me into the technical design area of the industry. She introduced me to the area in her class, Apparel Production. I discovered in this class that determining and delineating a garment’s construction and fit satisfied my desire to problem solve and meet the wearer’s needs. She saw in me the talent necessary to be a technical designer, and encouraged me to pursue the career. It is because of her mentoring that I am the technical designer I am today!

My time at SPU was a remarkable journey, a remarkable journey that readied me for an even more incredible future. My utmost thanks to the University for preparing me for the next stage of God’s wonderful plan!

Angela is an assistant technical designer in women’s sweaters for Nordstrom, Seattle.