Reina Acab ’14

Reina Acab and family

Before attending SPU, I was struggling with what path I wanted to take in life. I was set to go to nursing school, but something in my gut was telling me otherwise. It wasn’t until I looked deeper within myself and my faith that I finally understood what my calling was — Apparel Design and Merchandising. Though it is the complete opposite of what a nursing degree would have brought, I felt, and now know, that my purpose in life is to bring confidence and light to others around me in a way that genuinely makes me happy. It wasn’t easy making this life-changing decision, but I owe it to my family and friends for encouraging me to continue onto this new journey.

It has taken many, many failed ideas and attempts to finally be at a place I find peaceful and I honestly do not think I would have as big of a heart as I do now had I not chosen to attend SPU and be surrounded by the amount of love and care from my faculty and peers. Being a part of a community that cultivates love, acceptance, and (good) change helped mold me into the person I am today. The amount of gratitude I have for this educational experience at SPU is more than words can explain.

Reina currently owns her own internationally recognized children’s clothing line based out of Seattle, même. kidswear, which gives back to the Seattle-based nonprofit, Art With Heart, an organization that helps children overcome trauma through creative expression.