Danielle Warman ’08

From a young age, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. Choosing Family and Consumer Science Secondary Education as my major at Seattle Pacific University was one of the greatest and most impactful decisions of my life. I came to SPU, a first-generation college student, uncertain of university life and my path; I felt support every step of the way. With my first FCS course, I quickly realized that the major offered me the opportunity to teach the things I was most passionate about, providing me foundational knowledge to improve my own health and well-being, develop leadership skills, and preparing me for a future, positive impact on my family.

As a high school teacher, I taught students how to lead healthy and productive lives, building positive relationships with them through topics such as personal finance, health and nutrition, and family relationship skills. My students and I participated in a restaurant preparation program where we traveled and competed around the country. I built upon my experience and FCS major and pursued a Masters’ degree in Educational Leadership. I am now a middle-school Associate Principal—and I love it!

Reflecting on where I am now, it must be highlighted that I was given an additional gift from my degree: the relationships and empowerment of my professors and peers. The quality instruction and guidance that my professors provided me is immeasurable. They are influential and knowledgeable changemakers who care about the world we live in and advocate for a healthy planet and society with flourishing human relationships and development, food, clothing, shelter, and education.