Fine and Performing Arts Scholarships and Auditions


Whatever form your creativity takes — music, theatre, or visual art — you may qualify for an additional Fine and Performing Arts Scholarship up to $3000 on top of any other awards. You don't have to demonstrate financial need or be an arts major to qualify. Just follow the steps below. Want to learn more? Visit our frequently asked questions page.

*COVID-19 policy: Incoming students for Fall 2020 will not lose their fine & performing arts scholarships if they are unable to fulfill the scholarship requirements by being on campus.

Auditioning On Campus

Schedule a Music or Theatre Audition

Our 2020 audition dates for prospective music and theatre students will be held on campus as follows:

  • Friday, February 21
  • Saturday, February 22

Music Auditions

Applicants must provide a music résumé at their audition.

Vocalists. Please prepare two songs that are arranged for voice with piano accompaniment. At least one should be an aria or art song from the Western classical repertoire. The other may also be from the Western classical repertoire or from a contrasting genre such as musical theatre, folk songs, or jazz. A pianist will be provided for you.  Please bring a printed music résumé to your audition.

Pianists and instrumentalists. You will play two pieces from contrasting periods, not more than five minutes each. An excerpt or movement from a longer composition would be acceptable. You may also be asked to do some sight reading. You are expected to bring your own instrument. Please also bring your music résumé to the audition.

Theatre Auditions

Acting. Present two contrasting monologues of your choice, totaling approximately three minutes. 16 bars of an a capella musical theatre song are welcome but not required. Bring a printed theatre résumé and a photo (senior picture, head shot, etc.).

Theatre production and design. Please bring a portfolio of three to five pieces that best represent any design or technical work you have completed in scenery, costumes, lighting, sound, or props and be prepared to discuss your work. Stage Managers should bring a prompt book and/or documents that illustrate your organization and work in rehearsals and production.

Auditioning Electronically

Visual Art Portfolio Review

Visual communications, illustration, and studio arts. All Visual Art portfolios are submitted electronically for scholarship evaluation. Students will complete the electronic audition form and include a link to a file-sharing folder (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) with a portfolio of 8 to 10 pieces. Faculty members are interested in works that span some time and show artistic development. If possible, please highlight work done in more than one medium. Film studies are not accepted.

Music and Theatre Electronic Auditions

If you are unable to audition on one of the dates listed above, you may submit your music and/or theatre audition electronically. Please do not edit recordings or include effects (such as reverb).

Electronic submissions must be received by February 24, 2020, to receive priority evaluation. To audition, submit our electronic audition form. You may submit audition materials in two ways:

  • Please tape in a well-lit location, and ensure that your whole body is in the frame.
  • Link to a video recording of your performance, via video sharing service such as YouTube or Vimeo
  • Link to a file sharing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive
    • For file sharing services, please ensure that you have set your permissions so that anyone with a link can access your files.

You may use either or both methods to audition. For details on audition requirements, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.