History Department

SPU students walk across campus together on a sunny fall day

The History Department at SPU presents students with the opportunity not only to study history, but to do history. With course offerings that span the globe and time spectrum, our classes rigorously engage with the most challenging issues that society faces today, such as racism, genocide, and the forced displacement of people. Our classes prepare students for a wide variety of careers as they learn strong analytical and research techniques and gain the skill of effective written and oral communication. Students have the benefit of interacting closely with professors both inside and outside the classroom through collaborating on research projects, ongoing book group discussions, study abroad, and more. In all these settings, students learn to ask probing questions and to seek nuanced responses. One feature that sets the SPU History Department apart is our focus in training students how to apply what they learn in History classes, whether they are teaching history, working in a museum, crafting public policy, or building a social and moral imagination. As the cornerstone of our work, we rely on the lens of Christian faith to help us consider how to move into a hopeful future.  

museum of science and industry

Museum Studies

The Museum Studies Track supplements the History major core with coursework that helps you prepare for graduate study and employment in the field of museum studies and public history. (Photo courtesy of Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI).)

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Equipping You to Succeed

In collaboration with the Center for Career and Calling (CCC), your history professors will provide oversight of your professional development within the program to help you identify and pursue the career path that will actualize your gifts and passions. Located in Seattle, SPU is uniquely positioned to take advantage of a multitude of internship opportunities in collaboration with leading corporations, governmental agencies and nonprofits to provide you with vital skills and work experience, laying the necessary foundation for success after graduation. The CCC helps you network, meet potential employers, explore different job sites, and secure local internships.