Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics

Elementary Spanish Class

When you study a foreign language or linguistics at Seattle Pacific University, you will come to better understand and appreciate the rich diversity of world languages and cultures, both ancient and modern.

Learning a new language helps you acquire analytical skills and understand communication patterns. It introduces you to important literature from other languages and cultures. All this, in turn, helps you improve your writing skills — and knowledge of your own first language.

Undergraduate minors

You can minor in these programs:

You can also take Mandarin Chinese courses, which are part of the Asian Studies minor.

Foreign language competency

To receive a bachelor’s degree from Seattle Pacific University, you must demonstrate foreign language competency. Learn how to fulfill this requirement and take a placement test if necessary.

Placement tests

If you have already studied a foreign language but have not fulfilled the foreign language competency requirement, you should take the online placement test to determine your level. Note: A high score on the placement test does not fulfill the competency requirement.

LCL department mission

  • To produce students of modern and classical languages equipped with knowledge and skills in linguistics, cultures, languages, and literatures.
  • To provide opportunities for students to develop Christian character for a life of service and respectful engagement with the global community.

Study abroad

Take off on a study abroad program

When you study overseas, you embark on a journey to gain personal, educational, and professional rewards.

Caitlin Johnson ‘20

After double-majoring in Linguistics and Cultural Studies, as well as Political Science, Caitlin Johnson pursued a master's degree from University of California San Diego's School of Global Policy and Strategy. During her master's program, she interned with the United Nations.