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We live in a time of rapid change and global challenges, but also in a moment of possibility for deeper understanding and interaction between people of diverse languages, cultures, and beliefs.

Our capacity to connect with others is enhanced when we can communicate in their languages and appreciate their cultural traditions and creative expressions. Cultures and languages, whether modern or ancient, cannot be separated from their historical origins, so whether you are studying Latin, Greek, Spanish, French or Mandarin Chinese, you will learn these in context. In the Department of Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics (LCL), we believe that “languages matter and language matters.” For this reason, the study of Linguistics is foundational to our entire program. 

We offer minors in ClassicsFrench and Francophone Studies, Linguistics and Cultural Studies and Spanish Studies, and our courses in Mandarin Chinese, are included in the Asian Studies minor. Many of our courses fulfill Ways of Knowing in the Humanities (WK-H), Ways of Engaging (WE), Cultural Understanding and Engagement (CUE), and Writing (W) requirements as well as SPU's foreign language proficiency requirement.

As the Chair of LCL, I look forward to working with you as you embark upon this enriching area of study that opens doors to classical civilizations and contemporary cultures and contributes to more meaningful study abroad experiences and work opportunities within linguistically diverse communities.

Michelle Beauclair
Chair of the Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics Department

Michelle Beauclair
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Pourquoi j'enseigne à SPU

Michelle Beauclair, associate professor of French and Francophone studies, tells you — in French — why she teaches at SPU.