BS in Applied Mathematics

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics is a flexible yet demanding major designed for students interested in careers involving the applications of mathematics in a particular field.

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  • A total of 76 credits are required for the major, including 46 credits in mathematics, 5 credits in computer science, and a minimum of 20 credits in an applied field.
  • A minimum of 45 upper-division credits are required, including 25 in mathematics and 20 in the applied field.
  • Course requirements are listed in the SPU Undergraduate Catalog.

Courses MAT 3237, 3238, and 3360 are strongly recommended as part of the upper-division electives for the BS in Applied Mathematics. CSC 2430 may replace CSC 2230 for students emphasizing computing in their applied field.

Note: Upper-division courses in the applied field will typically have lower-division prerequisites, which are not listed in the credit total. Depending on the choice of concentration, you may have as many as 25 credits of necessary lower-division course work outside the major.

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Applying to Applied Mathematics

When you apply for the major in Applied Mathematics, you must submit an individual plan specifying which upper-division elective courses you intend to take. You should submit this plan, and it should be approved, before you have completed more than two of your upper-division elective courses in either Mathematics or the applied field.

When you submit your plan, explain why you chose the specific courses in the applied field. Note: At least three of your upper-division courses in the applied field should be mathematically oriented.

In addition to completing coursework in mathematics, you must select a field of concentration in which mathematics is applied, and complete coursework in both fields.

The examples of course plans below are intended only as samples of possible programs. You are encouraged to adapt your proposals to meet your personal needs and interests: