BS in Applied Mathematics

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics is a flexible yet demanding major designed for students interested in careers involving the applications of mathematics in a particular field.

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  • A total of 78 credits are required for the major, including 46 credits in mathematics, 5 credits in computer science, and a minimum of 20 credits in an applied field.
  • A minimum of 47 upper-division credits are required, including 25 in mathematics and 20 in the applied field.
  • Course requirements are listed in the SPU Undergraduate Catalog.

Courses MAT 3237, 3238, and 3360 are strongly recommended as part of the upper-division electives for the BS in Applied Mathematics. CSC 2430 may replace CSC 2230 for students emphasizing computing in their applied field.

Note: Upper-division courses in the applied field will typically have lower-division prerequisites, which are not listed in the credit total. Depending on the choice of concentration, you may have as many as 25 credits of necessary lower-division course work outside the major.

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