Instrumental Studies


All Music majors and minors are involved with one of three performance areas of specialization ― Vocal, Instrumental, and Keyboard. At Seattle Pacific University the Instrumental area includes all traditional wind and brass instruments, percussion, harp, and guitar on a multitude of genres, including jazz, commercial, pop, and western classical.

Our great distinctive is that SPU Music is located in the center of a vibrant and culturally rich city, and we have taken advantage of the quality of performers and teachers who reside in Seattle. Our private instructors are professional musicians who play with organizations such as the Seattle Symphony, Seattle Opera, and Pacific Ballet Orchestra, and can be considered among the highest-quality teachers in the world.

An excellent large and chamber music ensembles program meets the needs of both our graduate-school minded performance majors and all students across the campus with instrumental training. Lessons are available for all SPU instrumentalists upon audition with the primary teacher. Opportunities for instrumental performance while at SPU include Junior and Senior Recitals, weekly music practicum and studio encounters, concerto competitions, and participation in SPU ensembles. Our primary goal is to help you learn to become an outstanding practitioner, musician, and performer.

Instrumental Faculty

Brian Chin
Head Instrumental

Dan Adams

Sarah Bassingthwaighte

Rodger Burnett

Gregory Fulton

Todd Gowers
Bass/ Double Bass

Bradley Hawkins

Susi Hussong

Mary Kantor

David Krosschell

Francine Peterson

Evan Smith

Ilkka Talvi


Brian Chin

Why I Teach at SPU

Brian Chin, Professor and Chair of Music

“A life in music is a joy-filled and humbling lifelong education, and I believe that we musicians, young and old, are on this journey together. The 21st century is an era that rewards the skills of the complete musician, and SPU is uniquely positioned to encourage this blossoming of talent. Through teaching, I consciously choose to invest my sacred time on Earth to walk and create with my fellow artists and incite human flourishing.”