Tutoring Support

Need help with a challenging course? The CFL can help you connect with tutoring resources.

CFL Zoom Tutoring

The Center for Learning offers free tutoring for select, introductory courses including:

  • BIO 2102, 2103
  • CHM 1110, 1212, 1213, 1360, 2213
  • MAT 0144, 0145, 1221, 1235, 1226, 1300, 1521, 2360, 2401, 3238
  • PSY 1180 and PSY/SOC/CRIM 2360

For Spring quarter, trained tutors will work with you via Zoom to answer questions about class content and recommend effective study strategies. Tutoring will be offered in two formats:

  • Drop-in Zoom Tutoring has you wait in a virtual queue to talk individually with a tutor for up to 15 minutes at a time. (Offered for all subjects listed above.)
  • Small Group Zoom Tutoring gives you 50 minutes with a tutor and up to two other students from your subject area. (Offered for BIO & CHM only.)

For details on how to participate in CFL Zoom Tutoring using Penji, go to www.spu.edu/cfltutoring.

Private Pay Tutoring

The CFL also offers access to Tutor Matching Services a third party provider not affiliated with SPU. Connect with tutors who are SPU students as well as students from other universities. Cost varies.

Photo images of current CFL Tutors

Meet the drop-in and small group tutors at SPU’s Center for Learning. 

Click here for more information on how to access tutoring through the CFL.