Quick Stats — Employee Profiles

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Total SPU Employees

Regular teaching faculty headcounts includes faculty with non-teaching assignments and those on leave. Administrators include president, vice-presidents, deans, and those with E-06 grade or higher. Librarians are included in Staff - Exempt. Non-Pay are not included.

University Employees by Category.  Fall quarter.

Percentage of Total Headcount by Employee Category

Fall 2022 Employees by category

Diversity — Autumn Students Compared to Regular Employees

  • Employee percentages are based on regular faculty and staff headcounts (excludes adjunct faculty and temporary staff).
  • Student headcounts are based on autumn headcount and excludes international students and unknown race/ethnicity students.
Fall qtr diversity comparison between students and employees

Diversity — Percentage of Faculty by Gender

Faculty percentages are based on regular faculty headcounts (excludes adjunct faculty).

Gender percentage of regular teaching faculty