Chat with a Campus Pastor

UMin Staff

You’ve got questions? Something in life just happened and you want to talk with someone?

What do you believe? And what does God want to do in your life? College life is full of big questions. It’s a season of testing ideas. A time for growing.

Here’s where we come in

Our Campus Pastors and University Ministries Team are here to connect with you. We love meeting with students (you!) and hearing your unique stories.

After all, everyone needs someone to talk to. People we can trust to share life with. It’s always good to hear from someone who has been down the same path we’re facing.

What it is

An invitation to talk about life, faith, doubt, relationships, vocation, the future, the Bible — you name it! We’re available.

What it’s not

It’s not counseling. We might refer you to our colleagues in the Student Counseling Center or encourage you to connect with a local pastor, but we also want to support you.

So… we won’t necessarily provide you with all the answers. But we will listen, ask questions, pray, and journey with you as you seek God and discover what he is doing in your life.

Stop by (we’re in the SUB, second floor), or contact us online so we can get in touch.

- Rev. Lisa Ishihara, University Chaplain, Campus Pastor Staff, and UMin Team