SPU students worship together in Upper Gwinn | photo by Jordan Hayward

The SPU community gathers each week to worship with song, meditations on the Scriptures, and prayer.

On Tuesday mornings at 11:10, Chapel introduces the SPU community to a special guest — either someone from our campus or an inspiring voice from our global community.

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This spirit-lifting assembly is open to all students, faculty, staff, and other members of the SPU community. Each quarter we explore a particular theme related to worship, discipleship, and reconciliation, and draw from Scripture and our Christian faith from a variety of perspectives.

Seattle Pacific University is dedicated to worshipping God — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In these services we remember who God is, celebrate what God has done for humanity and for each of us individually, and reflect together on what Christians are called to be and do in the world. We attend these services not only to enrich our souls, but to express our commitment to God’s work in the world and to enact our solidarity with one another, as members of the SPU community, and with the global Church.

Chapel is led by University Chaplain Lisa Ishihara and other members of the SPU community.


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Campus Ministries Staff

From spiritual formation, to pastoral care, to gathering in worship, the Campus Ministries staff are talented and compassionate in their ministry roles.

Join Us Wednesday Nights for Group

This is not your standard “songs and sermon” program. Group is a holistic service, an immersion of the body, mind, and heart in the Christian story.