Chapel at SPU

CHAPEL ON THE ROAD: Meeting You Where You Are (the Book of Job)

Chapel Schedule Winter Quarter 2020

Every Tuesday at 11:10, during the quarter

We’re continuing the Autumn Quarter Chapel theme of the “unexpected” by changing up our rhythm for Winter Quarter Chapel, alternating Chapel locations between Upper Gwinn (first and third Tuesdays) and residence halls (second and fourth Tuesdays). Chapels held in residence halls will be hosted by the respective hall.

All students, staff, and faculty are always welcome to attend Chapel.

Commuter, transfer, off-campus, and CHA are invited to lunch in the Fine Center at First Free Methodist Church following Chapel. 

Tuesday, January 7  

Location: Upper Gwinn

Rev. Lisa Ishihara

Speaker: Rev. Lisa Ishihara

Topic: Job 1-2 & Communion

Tuesday, January 14

Location: Emerson Hall

Dr. Mike Langford

Speaker: Dr. Mike Langford

Topic: Job's 3 Friends Part 1 & Small Group Discussion

Tuesday, January 21

Location: Upper Gwinn

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Chapel

Tuesday, January 28

Location: Hill Hall

Priscilla Onyedikachi Ozodo

Speaker: Priscilla Ozodo-Acevedo

Topic: Job's 3 Friends part 2 & Small Group Discussion

Tuesday, February 4

Location: Upper Gwinn

Speaker: Rev. Paul Kim 

Topic: Job 32-37 & Communion

Tuesday, February 11

Location: Ashton Hall

Speaker: Rev. Kelsey Rorem 

Topic: Job 38-41 & Small Group Discussion

Tuesday, February 18

Location: Upper Gwinn

Japanese Internment Remembrance: A Service of Lament

Tuesday, February 25

Location: Hill Hall

Speaker: Caenisha Warren

Topic: Job 42 & Small Group Discussion

Tuesday, March 3

Location: Emerson Hall

Topic: Holding Tension and Hope 

Community Testimonies & Communion

Tuesday, March 10

Sabbath Week

No Chapel

Campus Ministries Staff

From spiritual formation, to pastoral care, to gathering in worship, the Campus Ministries staff are talented and compassionate in their ministry roles.

Join Us Wednesday Nights for Group

This is not your standard “songs and sermon” program. Group is a holistic service, an immersion of the body, mind, and heart in the Christian story.