Faculty Profile

Paul Youngbin Kim

​Paul Youngbin Kim
(South Korea)

Professor of Psychology

Email: paulkim@spu.edu
Phone: 206-281-2987
Office: Marston 113

Education: BA, Calvin College, 2004; MA, University of Notre Dame, 2007; PhD, University of Notre Dame, 2010. At SPU since 2010.

Dr. Paul Youngbin Kim is a counseling psychologist with scholarly interests in psychological processes impacting Asian and Asian American communities. Specifically, he is passionate about making mental health services more accessible to Asian Americans. More recently, Dr. Kim has written about contemporary forms of racism (e.g., racial micro-aggressions) and their link to well-being among racial minority groups. He is also committed to highlighting the psychological experiences of sojourning individuals, such as international students or global nomads (e.g., children of cross-cultural missionaries).

Dr. Kim teaches introductory (“General Psychology”), counseling-related (“Abnormal Psychology,” “Counseling Theory and Practice”), and culture-focused (“Advanced Research Methods in Cross-Cultural Psychology,” “Cross-Cultural Psychology”) courses at SPU. Regardless of the topic, in all of his courses, Dr. Kim enjoys creating a space for students to critically think about how culture relates to psychological theories and concepts, and how students can use psychology to serve the underserved and the marginalized.

Dr. Kim is Korean by birth but grew up in the Philippines as a child of cross-cultural missionary parents and identifies as a “missionary kid.” Although he has now lived in several different regions of the United States, Dr. Kim chooses to identify his local home, Seattle, as his hometown. Dr. Kim, his wife, and two daughters are active members of their Seattle church. 

​Selected publications

Kim, P.Y., Kendall, D.L., & Chang, E.S. (2015). Emotional self-control, interpersonal shame, and racism as predictors of help-seeking attitudes among Asian Americans: An application of the intrapersonal–interpersonal-sociocultural framework. Asian American Journal of Psychology. Advance online publication. doi:10.1037/aap0000032

Kim, P.Y., Kendall, D.L., & Webb, M. (2015). Religious coping moderates the relation between racism and psychological well-being among Christian Asian American college students. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 62, 87–94. doi:10.1037/cou0000055

Kim, P.Y.,& Lee, D.H. (2014). Internalized model minority myth, Asian values, and help-seeking attitudes among Asian American students. Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology, 20, 98–106. doi:10.1037/a0033351

Kim, P.Y.,& Park, I.J.K. (2009). Testing a multiple mediation model of Asian American college students’ willingness to see a counselor. Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology, 15, 295–302. doi: 10.1037/a0014396.

Please view Dr. Kim’s CV (PDF) for additional publications.

Why I Teach at SPU

Paul Youngbin Kim, Professor of Psychology

“I teach at SPU because I feel called to a classroom that not only imparts the most rigorous theories and concepts in psychological science, but also contextualizes the content within a larger framework of faith and culture. I especially enjoy observing growth in students’ passion to ‘give voice’ to communities who have been traditionally underserved in psychological research and practice.”