Faculty Profile

Xu Bian

Xu Bian

Assistant Professor of Chinese

Email: bianx@spu.edu
Phone: 206-281-2030
Office: Marston Hall 245

Education: BA, Sun Yat-sen University, 1999; MA, South China Normal University, 2006. At SPU since 2016.

Xu Bian is grateful to develop her career at Seattle Pacific University, where she first came to study theology and education. Before coming to the U.S., she spent eight years as a faculty member at a public university in Guangzhou, China. She now teaches Chinese courses for undergraduate students.

Ms. Bian's research interests currently focus on listening, vocabulary, and reading acquisition in a foreign language, as well as young-adult literature, particularly spiritual formation of protagonists. Ms. Bian expects to complete her doctorate in education at SPU in Spring 2017.

Selected Publications

Gritter, K, Bian, X, & Kanehen, K. (2015). Contextualizing Metaphors of Literacy in Young Adult Literature (2000–2013). ALAN Review, 42(2), 24–36.

Please view Ms. Bian’s CV (PDF) for more information.

Xu Bian

Why I Teach at SPU

Xu Bian, Assistant Professor of Chinese

I teach at SPU because the community is embracing diversity, becoming more culturally competent, and practicing inclusion. I have long believed that learning a foreign language makes a person more flexible and open to other cultures. My aim is to equip students to be multilingual and have the advantage of seeing the world from different vantage points.