Graduate Admissions

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Applying to a graduate program might seem daunting at first. But at Seattle Pacific University we do our best to make it a straightforward process. Here is background information that will be helpful to you, no matter which program you choose.

Your First Steps

For a bird’s-eye overview of the application process, go to the introductory list of Admissions Requirements. This list will in turn refer you to your program's website for additional requirements. For more comprehensive information about academic policies and procedures, standards of scholarship, and more, consult the Graduate Catalog (your go-to website for answers to a host of questions).

Whether you’re applying to a master’s or a doctoral program, these resources will help you see quickly what’s needed in the course of your application — from letters of recommendation and official transcripts, to entrance exam scores and program-specific requirements.

Staff in Graduate Admissions will assemble into a file the application documents you submit. This file will be forwarded to your program’s admissions committee for a final decision. In addition, please feel free to consult with Graduate Admissions at any point in the admissions process where you might need a little extra advice. We will work together to ensure your questions are answered and your experience is positive.

As for timing, each graduate program at SPU (there are 39) will have its own application deadline. Consult individual program summaries by way of the degree program listing page. You’ll want to know when your first day of class meets, when final exams are scheduled, and everything in between. Keep track of those and other critical deadlines in the latest University Calendar.

Requirements for Earning Your Graduate Degree

The Graduate Catalog lists requirements that apply to all programs, as well as program-specific requirements. However, in any master’s program, you will complete at least 33 credits — the last 15 of which must be earned at SPU — and no fewer than 27 credits after being admitted to the specific degree program. No course in which a grade below C (2.0) is earned may apply toward your degree, and you’ll need to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher. (Below that would put you on academic probation.) Look to the Graduate Catalog for specifics about additional details, such as applying for your degree, comprehensive exams, the cost of thesis binding, commencement participation, and more.


In the Graduate Catalog

Comprehensive details about SPU graduate programs live online at the complete SPU Graduate Catalog. Chances are you’ll find answers to your questions there.