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Yoga class

Be Well: Mindful Yoga

In partnership with the SPYogis and Intramurals, the Wellness Initiative offers a series of yoga and mindfulness classes called Be Well.

Be Well is an eight-week series of yoga classes that integrate mindfulness meditation. Each week, you will:

  • Learn about mindfulness.
  • Participate in a one-hour yoga class followed by a mindfulness practice.
  • Receive information about stress management and resources to develop a mindfulness meditation practice.

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Seeing Double: Separating Substance Use Fact From Fiction

This campuswide event, held in January 2017, provided students with information and resources regarding substance use and abuse. Students had the opportunity to:

  • Participate in “Test Your Vision,” an interactive educational display.
  • Do a Q&A with a panel of experts on substance use and abuse.
  • Attend “Beer Goggles to Blackouts, the Munchies to Memory Problems: The Science of Alcohol and Marijuana,” a lecture with Jason Kilmer, PhD, a leading researcher on the prevention of alcohol and drug use among college students.
Students doing yoga

Our photo gallery

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SPU Intramurals

Play Intramurals

Whether you love soccer or ping pong, SPU intramurals is the place for fun, high-quality competition. With a quarterly rotation of sports, games, and fitness offerings, students always find something fun to play.