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Mission, Signatures, and Vision

“Seattle Pacific University is a Christian university fully committed to engaging the culture and changing the world by graduating people of competence and character, becoming people of wisdom, and modeling grace-filled community.”

--Seattle Pacific University Mission Statement

Signature Commitments

We have adopted four signature commitments to guide us as we engage the culture and help to bring about positive change in the world. 

Seattle Pacific will be a place that ... 

  • Masters the tools of rigorous learning and is a vibrant intellectual community.
  • Embraces the Christian story, becoming biblically and theologically literate.
  • Understands and engages our multicultural and complex world.
  • Values the centrality of character formation in the life of the individual.

University Vision

Engaging the Culture, Changing the World

Hands On

SPU students are leveraging their own learning to support young people throughout Seattle. “We are training students to be aware of public–private partnerships,” says Margaret Diddams, director of SPU’s Center for Scholarship and Faculty Development.

SPU students in a physics class

Students at the Table

Students are using active-learning classrooms, complete with “smart tables,” to put collaboration at the center of their learning.