About the Mathematics Department

Since its establishment in the 1915, the Mathematics Department at Seattle Pacific University has provided students with instruction that enables them to graduate with the competence in the mathematics required for their chosen fields, as well as to share their expertise with the community through service and leadership.


The SPU Mathematics Department offers three degree paths from which to choose: the BA in Mathematics, BS in Mathematics, and a BS in Applied Mathematics. If you plan to teach elementary school (K–8), you will major in Integrated Studies with a concentration in mathematics.

Once you choose your path, you will take core courses and electives that explore the wide expanse of mathematics, preparing you for your future career, whether you plan to teach in a classroom, go to graduate school, focus on research, or enter a business field.


In addition to learning and growing as mathematicians, Mathematics majors have an opportunity to compete in the COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM). In this international competition, three-student teams compete in an intense 96-hour contest, each using math to address real-world issues. Participating students find they have impressive résumé additions that get them noticed when applying for internships and jobs.

Recent teams of SPU Math majors have worked on everything from the optimal size for brownie pans to how to efficiently distribute a vaccine in a developing nation. And SPU students’ teamwork and creativity have repeatedly placed SPU teams in the top 20 percent.

General Education requirements in mathematics

To fulfill the University’s graduation requirements, all students are required to complete a general education quantitative reasoning requirement as a part of the Exploratory Curriculum. Through their WKQR courses, students will learn to reason abstractly and deductively, understand and analyze data, and become fluent in quantitative problem-solving.

Students in WKQR courses should:

  • Develop competency in meaningful ideas of mathematics, including deductive reasoning, quantitatively-oriented problem-solving, and analysis of data.
  • Develop an appreciation for and an ability to use quantitative methods as a powerful means for problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Increase the quantitative and logical reasoning abilities needed for a liberal arts education, the workplace, and informed citizenship.

All of the courses that fulfill this requirement are college-level mathematics courses that require a certain level of mastery of basic mathematical skills as a prerequisite. See Math Placement for more information about the prerequisites for these courses. Find out more about the WKQR requirement and other General Education requirements in Seattle Pacific’s Undergraduate Catalog.

Our mission

The Mathematics Department at Seattle Pacific University seeks to provide excellent instruction to enable our students to become competent in the mathematics required for their chosen fields, and to share our expertise with the community through service and leadership.

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