Theresa Maloney ’18

Theresa Maloney

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Major: Applied Mathematics with Business Emphasis

Every industry depends on math in one way or another, and at SPU I can make meaningful connections and explore fields that interest me. I can gain both knowledge about the field I’m pursuing and experience in the workforce.

SPU has a strong Math program, but what I value more is that I am treated as an individual. Not only do all of my teachers care about me as more than just another student, but SPU also has strong connections with many different companies. Even as an undergrad, I have the opportunity to make connections with professionals in lots of different fields.

At SPU, I like that I can talk about how what I’m learning applies to my life as a Christian. I’m getting a feel for living in a world where everyone has different viewpoints, yet I’m still surrounded by a community that wants to talk about faith and is interested in how I am growing spiritually, in addition to intellectually.

I completed the calculus cycle in my first year at SPU, and now I am deciding what types of math I want to study. I’ve taken “Linear Algebra” with Dr. Wai Lau, and I was intrigued by all the ways matrices can be applied to real-world problems. I am currently in a “Differential Equations” class with Dr. Steve Johnson and a “Probability and Statistics” class taught by Dr. Brian Gill. I’ve noticed a lot of overlap in my classes because every math professor I’ve had has pushed me to think not only about the how of math, but also the why: Why it works; why we use it; and why it matters.

I plan to go into business with a degree in Applied Mathematics, but I’m not sure yet the specific field I want to work in. I have begun to explore all the different fields that deal with math, and I was surprised at the number of different ways it can be applied.

 Kate McCully

Kate McCully

I truly believe that this campus is special and unique. … Attending a Christian university changed my mindset on truly living in and living out my faith.