Nickerson Studios

Nickerson Studios Recording Studio
Nickerson Studios, built in 2015, is a 10,000 square-foot building that houses the Music Department’s recording studios, live sound facilities, state-of-the-art computer labs, performance and rehearsal space, Steinway concert grand pianos, small ensemble rooms, and teaching studios.

As a Music Production major, you’ll learn recording techniques using Pro Tools and a variety of equipment. You will learn to record and edit audio, engineer live sound, as well as write music and create sound design for video games, film, TV and other media. Using MIDI and music notation software, you will integrate most aspects of music composition, arranging, and producing.

Want to create music? In Nickerson Studios you can create film scores, chamber music, and large-scale works in the computer lab, and then have your music recorded next door in the performance hall.  

Music education and music therapy students also rehearse, study, compose, and perform in this creative space. Nickerson Studios provides a concert hall in which large and small ensembles perform and rehearse.

Professional studio engineers, composers, and accomplished musicians use Nickerson Studios to teach, perform, and engage with our vibrant community. 

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