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    SPU’s Music Department is reimagining music education for the 21st century through a student-driven, project-based curriculum. With projects centered in performance, recording, composition, and research, we send you out into the world with your careers already started.

Come and explore music with the world-class performers and educators at Seattle Pacific. The SPU Music Department will provide you with the opportunities to cultivate your passion for music and equip you to engage the world.

Hello, Everyone! My name is Brian Kai Chin and I am the chair of the music department at Seattle Pacific University. It is my honor to share with you our music programs here at SPU Music.

First, I am excited to announce that the University is launching a new Tuition Reimagined program that reduces tuition by 25% for all students across the board.

At SPU Music our tagline is "Music For All." We aspire to address inclusivity and equity in higher education music education and to create a safe place for training both the professionally minded, conservatory-level student and those engaged in varying degree programs across campus — for the student who has 15 years of formal training, and the student who just started.

At SPU Music we have the Seattle Advantage. Nestled on the lush canal side of Queen Anne Hill in the heart of Seattle, we have some of the best teaching artists in the country on our faculty. Our students have access to the diversity of culture of Seattle and the full breadth of the music industry.

At SPU Music our goal is to enable our students to create their own music.

Our Music Production program is preparing students for professional audio/visual work in the 21st Century. Serving as both a performance hall and state-of-the-art recording and music production facility, the newly built Nickerson Studios has become a game changer for our students and a distinctive of our university.

Our Music Education program is redefining how we teach and approach music education to give our students agency and inspire purpose to change the world through music.

Our nationally recognized Music Therapy program is a distinctive of SPU Music and is the only program of its kind in the state of Washington.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we have spent much of the last five years reimagining our entire music curriculum for all students. By flipping our programs upside down, we place the emphasis of control on the student and their creativity. Our project-based curriculum is designed to send the student out into the world with their careers already started. I invite you to learn more by checking out our programs and events.

A 360 view of the Seattle Pacific University campus.

Explore Nickerson Studios without leaving home through Seattle Pacific’s new 360 Virtual Tour! You can also check out other campus buildings — and soar over some of our favorite Northwest highlights.

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Opportunities in Music Therapy

Our Music Therapy program offers many opportunities for students to take unique and valuable internships. Meet Ruth Rodriguez, who will be interning this September in Barcelona, Spain!