About the Music Department

SPU's Music Department offers programs for undergraduates interested in pursuing a career in music, as well as for those wanting to sharpen their musical skills or pursue music as an avocation. SPU-educated musicians, music educators, and music therapists are in high demand throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. If you want to make a difference in the world through music, the Music Department can equip you to do just that.

Music Department faculty members are not only accomplished musicians who are experts in their field, but also gifted educators who are personally involved in the learning and lives of their students.

Members of our Music faculty are well known throughout the region, country, and world as professional performers, educators, clinicians, researchers, and adjudicators. SPU's location brings many outstanding local performers from regional orchestras, chamber ensembles, and other professional organizations to the faculty.

Why Major in Music at SPU?

Our major program gives you you the advantage of a strong Music major within a liberal arts setting at a nationally ranked university in a world-class city with a vibrant arts scene.

As a Music major, you will choose from one of four different project-based emphases:

Music Composition (BA)
Music Performance (BA)
- Music Production (BA)
- Music Research (BA)

A Rich Blend of Opportunities for All SPU Students

If you have a desire to participate in music while majoring in another field, we offer many opportunities through choral and instrumental ensembles, studio instruction, and other coursework designed to enhance a music education in a Christian setting. All ensemble courses carry regular university credit, and most require an audition or permission of the instructor for enrollment. You will find information in course descriptions and more extensive detail in the pages of the various activities.

A Focus on Diversity and Community Engagement

In keeping with their commitments to leadership and service, Music Department faculty and students are fully engaged in the community and among diverse populations at the local, regional, national, and international levels. Whether performing on the main stages of Seattle, presenting a research paper at a national conference, or conducting a choir in a local high school, as an SPU Music major, you will be engaged!

At the heart of Seattle Pacific's approach to the discipline of music is a focus on engagement with people and cultural music from around the world — including Western European art music, African and Polynesian percussion, Indonesian gamelan, American jazz, and African-American gospel music — genres that are all valued, studied, and performed on campus and in the wider community.

The Music Department values the richness that diversity brings to the learning community at SPU, and faculty and students strive to maintain respect for the rigor of learning from and with one another.

Engagement With Faculty and Other Students

You are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the strength of our department by getting to know our faculty. Sharing career goals will offer opportunities in teaching, research, production, and recording. Student-led clubs bring guest artists and clinicians on campus for networking opportunities or workshops. You will have many opportunities to be involved in music ministry, on and off campus. Since many of our Music faculty members are church musicians, students have many resources available.

Becoming an accomplished musician is hard work. Sharing music with others makes it all worth it.

Kedmon Mapana
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Kedmon Mapana, who earned his EdD in SPU’s School of Education, is on the faculty of Arts and Sciences at University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Here he leads the SPU Men’s Choir in rehearsal and worship at First Free Methodist Church.

Sprezzatura Trio

Meet the members of the Sprezzatura Trio, a music ensemble comprising three SPU alumnae.