Sociology Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

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The SURE program supports student research to be presented at the annual meeting of the Pacific Sociological Association. 

SURE is open to Sociology majors who have completed SOC 3751: “Introduction to Research Methods” with a grade of B or higher. Though preference for the program is given to seniors, juniors who have completed SOC 3751 with a B or higher may also apply. 

Students will take SOC 4870: “Advanced Research” during their senior Winter Quarter to build on their statistical and methodological skills. Students will be mentored by Sociology faculty as they work toward completing a formal paper to be presented in round table paper or poster sessions at the annual Pacific Sociological Association meetings. Students will also present their papers or posters at the annual Erickson Research Conference at SPU at the end of Spring Quarter. 

For more information on the program, please email Dr. Joshua Tom.

Pacific Sociological Association 2021

Poster Presentations

“Seattle Tent Census 2019-2020” – Andria Fredriks

"How long has your family voted?: Asian American Political Engagement  and Immigrant Generation" — Jamie Lee

Pacific Sociological Association 2019

Poster Presentations

“Hip Hop Music and Messages of Resistance: A Content Analysis” —  Cailin Dahlin


Roundtable Presentations

“Understanding and Employing Discourse: Discourse on Homelessness in the City of Seattle” — Emily Nye

“Police Legitimacy: Anti-Black Attitudes and Support of the Use of Force” — Olivia Usher

“Bringing Abortion and Suicide Together: Values and Attitudes Towards the Value of Life” — Johnny Harvill

“Religion and Its Impact on Attitudes Towards Contraception” — Ashley Hillier

“The Interplay of Ethics and Organizational Responses to the Homelessness Crisis in Seattle” — Madelin"e McDonald

“Blaming and Excusing Others: How Individualism Influences Perception of Individual Control” — Sarah Bentz

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Why I Teach at SPU

Joshua Tom, Associate Professor of Sociology

“I teach sociology because I think people are the most interesting things in the world, and sociology offers a powerful toolkit for exploring the things we take for granted. Studying this discipline also has a way of drawing out important virtues — values like self-reflection, humility and grace for others- and it’s exciting to have the opportunity to pass on those experiences to others.”

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