Theatre Minor

Theatre Minor

The Theatre minor provides you with the foundations of theatre — including performance, production, and playwriting — and an understanding of the history of theatre. You will participate in theatre productions and, through a series of knowledge- and skill-building classes and experiences, will grow in your theatrical abilities and confidence.

This minor is an excellent complement to a variety of majors, particularly those that lead to careers involving public speaking and presentation.

Minor Courses and Requirements

For a minor in Theatre, you will take courses that provide you with a focused and integrative approach to the world of theatre. Courses include “Introduction to Theatre Design,”  "Acting Fundamentals I,” and “Play Directing.” You will study aspects of theatre production from pre-production through the rehearsal and performance phases of a theatrical production. You will learn the art of theatrical criticism, grow in artistic awareness, and cultivate your personal theatrical skills.

A minimum 35 quarter credits, including at least 18 upper-division credits, are required for this minor. The minimum total credits required for a degree is 180 quarter credits.

Entering the Minor

You may enter this minor during your first quarter at SPU. Entrance after your first quarter requires only good academic standing (2.0 or higher SPU cumulative GPA). Consult the undergraduate catalog for complete information on how and when to enter and what you must do to complete the program.  

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