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Dr. Richard Sleight

Richard Sleight

Manager of Information Systems

Phone: 206-281-2265
Office: McKenna Hall 123A

Education: BA, University of Washington, 1977; MEd, University of Washington, 1980; PhD, University of Washington, 1989. At SPU since 1989.

Dick Sleight (pronounced "slate") taught full-time in the University of Washington College of Engineering from 1978 to 1989, where he was a founding member of its Industrial Engineering Program faculty.

Dr. Sleight has a diverse academic background in engineering, economics, statistics, and education. He served as coordinator of SPU's Adult Learner Program (1989–91) and in the School of Business and Economics as its MBA coordinator (1991–96). Since 1996, he has been the information and technology manager for the school, overseeing all aspects of instructional and administrative technology and data management.  He also serves as the McKenna Hall building manager, webmaster, and minor advisor, with many other duties as assigned. He is the SBGE honors coordinator and is the Chapter Secretary of the SPU chapters of Beta Gamma Sigma and Omicron Delta Epsilon.

Although Dr. Sleight has taught regularly at SPU since 1990, he was formally elected to the SPU faculty by the Faculty Senate in 2013.  He champions the increased productivity and quality of work that derives from the effective use of modern software applications. He teaches courses in spreadsheets and business statistics.

Dr. Sleight's wife and all three children graduated from SPU.  Away from SPU, Dick is a Bible teacher, photographer, artist in the Haida tradition, and proud grandpa.  

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Dr. Dick Sleight

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Dr. Dick Sleight, Instructor, Manager of Information Systems

"Your degree will help you get hired, but your skills, what you can actually do well, will keep you employed and advance your career. Computer skills are vital for today’s knowledge workers, and a solid grasp of statistics is needed in our data-driven business world. As SBGE’s chief information officer, I use these skills every day. I delight in sharing them with our students."