Continuing Education Certificate in Faith and Business - Faith & Co.


The Continuing Education Certificate in Faith and Business is comprised of any three of these courses:

BUS 5201    Faith & Co.: Business on Purpose (3)
BUS 5202    Faith & Co.: Serving Employees (3)
BUS 5203    Faith & Co.: Serving Customers (3)
BUS 5204    Faith & Co.: Serving the World (3)

The certificate will be awarded to those who receive at least a B in 9 credits from the list of 5xxx-level courses.  (Up to six 5xxx-level credits from the certificate may be applied toward SBGE graduate programs for anyone who subsequently matriculates.)  

COSTS and REGISTRATION:  Upcoming BUS 5XXX courses are listed on our Continuing Professional Education page, and will include convenient online registration.  Our refund policy for these classes allows for a full refund if the course is dropped at least one week before the first day of the class. (Note: 5xxx-level courses are not eligible for financial aid.