Doctor of Philosophy in Education

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SPU is helping to address the need for quality teacher education programs at the university level nationwide through its Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Education, a research-based program designed to prepare students to serve as college- and university-level educators.

Who Should Pursue This Degree

If you are an experienced educator and are interested in becoming a college- or university-level educator who is able both to teach effectively and to conduct publishable research and other scholarly work, then this program is for you.

Designed for working professionals, the PhD program offers most classes online. In summer, classes are offered during the day in person.


A PhD in Education is the preferred degree for teaching in higher education. Seattle Pacific’s program is designed to provide the appropriate blend of rigor, best practice, and original research to prepare you for a university career. The program emphasizes teaching and learning theory, research design, and university teaching. Benefits of the program include

  • small, focused classes with personalized instruction,
  • an excellent faculty with proven expertise and a strong desire to help students succeed in the program,
  • a sense of community that helps students develop supportive relationships,
  • a comprehensive research component that prepares students to explore and understand both quantitative and qualitative research designs,
  • opportunities for involvement in undergraduate and graduate teacher preparation programming,
  • special opportunities for funding to conduct physics education research

Program Outline

The program outline includes a description of program components, program schedule, course requirements, suggested course sequence, and prerequisite coursework. The official degree requirements for this graduate program are stated in the SPU Graduate Catalog in effect when you are accepted to this program.

Admission Information

What is required for admission to the PhD program? Find information about admission requirements and procedures. The official admission requirements for this graduate program are stated in the SPU Graduate Catalog in effect when you are accepted to this program.

Arthur K. Ellis

Why I Teach at SPU

Arthur K. Ellis, Professor of Education; Director of the Center for Global Curriculum Studies

"I teach at SPU because this is the place where I help improve education for teachers and administrators throughout Washington. Over the years, I have come to realize that educating and caring for my students has an exponential effect on the lives of young people across Washington, and even across the nation. I could not imagine being anywhere else — or doing any other work — as important as this."

Did You Know?

Help IconThe SPU School of Education offers an EdD, as well.

Cindy Strong

Searching for Research Resources?

Doctoral students, Cindy Strong, the School of Education’s library liaison, is glad to meet with you to discuss research interests, explain recent changes in the library search system, and point out library resources. Contact her at