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David Wicks

David Wicks

Professor of Curriculum & Instruction

Phone: 206-281-2367
Office: Peterson Hall 411

Education: EdD, Seattle Pacific University, 2012.

Dr. David A. Wicks stands at the forefront of digital education innovation as Professor and Chair of the Digital Education Leadership program at Seattle Pacific University's School of Education. His distinguished career spans a spectrum of roles that have cemented his expertise in educational technology, including tenures as a high school technology teacher, a university computer science lecturer, and a thought leader in instructional technology design.

Internationally recognized for his research on digital education and online learning environments, Dr. Wicks has delved deep into the realms of digital citizenship and the impact of artificial intelligence on learning. His work examines the nuanced perceptions of both students and faculty in these emerging spaces, underscoring the importance of digital fluency in contemporary education.

A passionate advocate for blended learning methodologies, Dr. Wicks has pioneered transformative projects. Notably, he has designed student-centered learning experiences in Beijing and architected a cutting-edge hybrid graduate program adhering to ISTE technology standards. His innovative approach is further exemplified by his development of a dynamic, blog-based electronic portfolio system at SPU, setting a benchmark in digital assessment tools.

Dr. Wicks' commitment to community engagement is evident through his leadership in learning networks and edtech coaching. He is a driving force in various prestigious councils and societies focused on educational technology, including NCCE, NWACC, and NWeLearn. His vision for a collaborative educational landscape is shared through his role as editor-in-chief for International Dialogues in Education, fostering a global conversation on the evolution of digital learning.

Selected Publications

  1. Rasikawati, I., Yuyun, I., & Wicks, D. (2024). The Community Of Inquiry Framework In Online English Learning: Insights From Indonesian Cultural Contexts. LLT Journal: A Journal on Language and Language Learning, 27(1), 37–59.
  2. Wicks, D. & Paulus M. (2022). 21st-Century Learning Skills and Artificial Intelligence In Paulus, M. & Langford M. (Eds.), AI, Faith, and the Future. Pickwick Publications, Eugene, OR, 154-171
  3. Clum, K., Ebersole, E., Wicks, D., & Shea, M. (2022). A case study approach to exploring resilient pedagogy during times of crisis. Online Learning Journal, 26(2).
  4. Wicks, D. (2021). Minimizing Zoom Fatigue and Other Strategies for a Successful Synchronous Class Experience. In H. Han, J. Williams, & S. Cui (Eds.), Tackling Online Education: Implications of Responses to COVID-19 in Higher Education Globally. 2–24. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  5. Wicks, D., & Tremonte, A. (2020). Synchronous Learning: Good to See You Again. In J. Quinn (Author), Learner-Centered Instructional Designer: Purpose, process, and practicalities of creating online courses in higher education. Stylus Publishing, Sterling, VA.
  6. Sawers, K., Wicks, D., Mvududu, N., Seeley, L., & Copeland, R. (2016). What Drives Student Engagement: Is it Learning Space, Instructor Behavior or Teaching Philosophy? Journal of Learning Spaces, 5(2). Retrieved from
  7. Wicks, D., Craft, B. B., Lee, D. D., Lumpe, A., Henrikson, R., Baliram, N., & Wicks, K. (2015). An evaluation of low versus high-collaboration in online learning. Online Learning Journal, 19(4).
  8. Wicks, D. A., Craft, B. B., Mason, G. N., Gritter, K., & Bolding, K. (2015). An investigation into the community of inquiry of blended classrooms by a faculty learning community. The Internet and Higher Education, 25, 53-62.
  9. Wicks, D., & Lumpe, A. (2015). Electronic portfolios as pedagogy: Using bPortfolios for authentic assessment of teacher knowledge and skills in the US. International Teacher Education: Promising Pedagogies, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 22C, 219-232.

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Why I Teach at SPU

David Wicks, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction; Chair of Digital Education Leadership Graduate Program

"My commitment to teaching and conducting research in the School of Education at Seattle Pacific University is rooted in its culture of pioneering educational strategies. Here, faculty are welcomed and expected to push the boundaries of conventional teaching, learning, and assessment through rigorous research-based exploration. We engage in 'Sandbox' pilot programs to refine and revolutionize pedagogy. SPU is the ideal environment for those eager to shape the trajectory of educational futures."