Applying to the Residency Teacher Certification Program

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If you plan to earn a Residency Teacher Certificate through the SPU School of Education, you will need to complete a series of steps to enroll in the program.

Application and Admittance to SPU

When you fill out the Common Application for admission to Seattle Pacific, indicate your interest in the School of Education and teaching. You can indicate interest in the Residency Teacher Certification Program in the School of Education at the same time that you apply to SPU.

Prerequisites to Foundations Quarter

There are prerequisites to enrolling in the Foundations Quarter of the Residency Teacher Certificate Program. You must be a sophomore (45-plus credits) with a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or a GPA of 3.0 in your last 30 credits. You must fill out the Foundations Quarter Application and submit it to the School of Education. Contact the Certification Office for an application. The application packet includes basic questions about you and questions pertaining to character and fitness required to work in a school setting. When you submit your application, you will begin a file with the School of Education.

You should signal your interest in taking Foundations Quarter (and each subsequent quarter of the program) by signing up in the School of Education office one quarter prior to when you would like to take Foundations Quarter.

Application to the Residency Teacher Certification Program

Formal application to the Residency Teacher Certification Program in the School of Education begins in a class session during Foundations Quarter. You will be given the application and receive guidance on how to complete it and when it is due. You’ll learn whether you have been accepted into the program before you begin Methods Quarter. You may contact the School of Education at any time with application inquiries.

Application to Your Major

Students who desire to become teachers must major in a discipline other than Education. There is a separate process for entering your chosen major, which for most disciplines consists of completing the Application for a Major or Minor in Banner to confirm your intended major. Prerequisites and requirements for majors are specified in the SPU Undergraduate Catalog. The School of Education houses only one major, Special Education.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are required to take the entire Residency Teacher Certification Program at SPU. Any exceptions need to be approved through substitution and petition processes in the School of Education. Prior to registration at Seattle Pacific, you should meet with the certification office for information about course substitution requirements and procedures.

Post-Baccalaureate Students

The post-baccalaureate certification program is a professional program leading to a Washington state Residency Teaching Certificate for teacher candidates who already have a four-year degree. Teacher candidates for this program do not have to earn a second degree. However, prior to beginning the certification program, you must meet School of Education admission requirements. (Please see the Certification Office for information on current requirements).

To start this program, your first step is to schedule an advising appointment with the Certification Office to learn more about the admission process through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 206-281-2214. Interested candidates are also encouraged to explore the graduate certification programs that, in most cases, are most time and cost efficient and result in a graduate degree along with teacher certification.