After Graduation

Lindsay Neal

Once you have completed the teacher education program at SPU, you are poised to begin your teaching career. The following are next steps in your journey as an educator.

Certificates and Endorsements

When you have successfully completed the requirements of Seattle Pacific’s Residency Teacher Certification Program and the requirements for a bachelor’s degree in your chosen major, the School of Education will recommend you to the state of Washington for Residency Teacher Certification. Although SPU makes recommendations to the state, the Washington state Department of Education issues the certification, not the SPU School of Education.

Residency Teacher Certificate

The Residency Teacher Certificate is your initial certification, and it is your license to teach in the state of Washington. This certificate will specify the endorsement area in which you may teach (e.g., Elementary Education, Physics, etc.). Every certificate must have at least one endorsement.

If you have questions about adding endorsements after teaching in your initial endorsement area, contact the endorsement coordinator in SPU’s Center for Professional Education in the School of Education.

Teacher Certificates in Other States

Most states issue certificates to people who have completed a teacher education program that was approved by the appropriate state certification agency where the college or university is located. Since the Washington state Professional Educator Standards Board has approved SPU’s Residency Teacher Certificate Program, students completing the program are usually eligible for certification in other states.

To apply for certification in another state, email the office of certification in that state and ask for an application. Wait to apply until all requirements for your degree and the Washington certificate have been completed.

Credential File

Previously, placement files — a collection of professional documents used by school districts when hiring teachers, counselors, and administrators — were required for any person applying to certified jobs within school districts in Washington state. As technology has changed most districts have shifted to completely electronic applications which require applicants to maintain their own documents, and fewer districts request and accept credential files.

The School of Education recommends that teachers maintain their documents (e.g. current resume, transcripts, letters of recommendation, test reports, etc.) personally or pay for an online managing service. Information on self-managing credentials

Center for Professional Education

Throughout your career as an educator, you can benefit from the opportunities that Seattle Pacific’s Center for Professional Education offers. As you continue your own development, take advantage of continuing education courses — both online and in the classroom; credits and clock hours to keep your teaching certificate current; academic programs to add an endorsement to your certificate; or the opportunity to develop an on-site partnership with SPU.

Graduate Degrees

During your career, you can also earn a graduate degree or additional certification through the SPU School of Education. Seattle Pacific offers two doctoral programs, seven master’s degree programs, and five certification programs in education.

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