Master of Education (MEd) in Educational Leadership

SOE Student

As our society and student population changes, the importance of ensuring all students will achieve is vitally important. The principal is a central figure of this learning experience. As the leader for learning, the principal must focus on shaping the culture and leading change, engaging families and communities in meaningful ways, being committed to the equity of opportunities for all students, and guiding ethical and moral actions. After completing the educational leadership program at Seattle Pacific University, students will be prepared to lead schools that focus on student achievement, build capacity for learning, and ensure that resources are focused to provide equitable experiences.

Who Should Pursue This Degree

If you want to become an elementary or secondary school principal, this program is for you. The degree prepares students for principal certification. To be eligible for entry into the MEd in Educational Leadership with the intention of earning a Principal Certificate, you must be a certificated teacher, certificated Educational Staff Associate (ESA), or CTE endorsed instructor with a minimum of three years of successful teaching or related experience.

The MEd in Educational Leadership also prepares individuals who want to earn a Program Administrator Certificate in order to serve as an administrator in a school district central office, resource center, or other administrative center. If this is your goal, you are not required to hold a teaching, ESA, or CTE certificate for entry into the program, but you must have at least three years of successful experience in a P–12 school system at the building or district level.

This 45-credit program offers current research and best practices to help principals and program administrators interact with students, teachers, parents and their communities. Courses are available both on the Seattle campus and from any geographical location with WiFi via synchronous online courses. 

Fifteen three-credit courses are required for the master’s degree. Of those, the four Foundations and Research and one elective course can be taken on the SPU campus or online. The seven core courses for the Principal Certification program are offered in-person on the main campus and online via a synchronous meeting platform. Both in-person and synchronous online classes meet one evening per week from 4:40 to 7:15 p.m. Classes offered during the Summer Session meet at SPU during weekdays between late June and mid-August. All seven Educational Leadership core courses are offered during the day in the summer over a two-year sequence for a “summers only” option.


As a student in the MEd in Educational Leadership degree program at SPU, you will:

  • learn from distinguished faculty with experience and expertise in school and district leadership;
  • enjoy the flexibility of courses taught on campus or on sites around the Puget Sound;
  • learn current research and best practices to enable you to become an effective leader for the broad populations with whom principals and district administrators interact: students, teachers, parents, and the community;
  • participate in an integrative internship that allows you to perform leadership and administrative activities under the supervision of a mentor in a school or district office;
  • qualify for a P–12 Principal Certificate or a Program Administrator Certificate in Washington state with reciprocity in other states;
  • increase your skills and potentially increase your options for professional growth and higher pay.

Program Outline

The program outline includes a description of program components. The official degree requirements for this graduate program are stated in the SPU Graduate Catalog in effect when you are accepted into this program.

Admission Information

What is required for admission to the MEd in Educational Leadership? Find information about admission requirements and procedures. The official admission requirements for this graduate program are stated in the SPU Graduate Catalog in effect when you apply to this program.

Faculty Chair

John B. Bond

Associate Professor of Educational Administration and Supervision; Chair of Educational Leadership
EdD, Seattle Pacific University

Phone: 206-281-2554
Office: Peterson Hall 419

Core Faculty

Mvududu Nyaradzo

Why I Teach at SPU

Nyaradzo Mvududu, Dean, School of Education

“I teach at SPU because here I do not have to compartmentalize my faith and my academic career. I view statistics as a tool we can use to understand God’s creation and our work in whatever field as we go about our day-to-day activities.”