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School of Education Doctoral Students’ and Alumni Publications

SOE faculty engage in a discussion

NOTE: These first-authored publications are ordered by year, and alphabetical order of the last name of the first author. An asterisk (*) indicates the author is either a current doctoral student or a graduate from our SPU doctoral programs.


*Bistricean, C., & Shea, M. (2022). Understanding bereavement among college students: implications for practice and research. 

International Dialogues in Education, 8(1), 54–88.


*Clum, K., *Ebersole, E., Wicks, D., & Shea, M. (2022). A case study approach to exploring resilient pedagogy during times of crisis. 

Online Learning, 26 (2). doi:


*Harvey, P., & Bond, J. (2022). The Effects and Implications of Using Open Educational Resources in Secondary Schools. 

The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 23(2), 107-119.


*“Lau,” W. S. & Gritter, K. (2022). Hidden voices: How Chinese immigrant educators implement culturally inclusive practices in U.S. classrooms.  

Educational Research and Development Journal, 25(1), 65-81.


*Lau, W. S., & Shea, M. (2022). Empowering English Learners in the classroom through culturally responsive social–emotional teaching practices. 

Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development.


*Penzar, E. C., & Shea, M., Edwards, C. (2022). College students’ academic achievement: Exploring the role of hope and academic self-efficacy. 

International Dialogues in Education, 8(1), 4–23.


*Rasikawati, I. (2023). Teaching Graphic Novels to Adolescent Multilingual (and All) Learners: Universal Design, Pedagogy, and Practice

Teaching Graphic Novels to Adolescent Multilingual (and All) Learners