SOE Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of the Seattle Pacific University School of Education is to equip educators for service and leadership in schools and communities by developing their professional competence and character, to make a positive impact on learning.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Seattle Pacific University School of Education is to influence the region, the nation, and the world through the equipping of educational leaders for public and private schools.

SOE Conceptual Framework

Read about the vision, mission, and commitments that guide the School of Education as it prepares educational leaders.

Students share video

Students share: SPU's School of Education

Is this the right teacher preparation program for you? Compare notes with current students as they share their dreams and their stories.

integrated studies video

What is Integrated Studies?

For anyone thinking about becoming a teacher, two Seattle Pacific professors explain what’s unique about this program.

Alumni share video

Alumni share about Integrated Studies

Real stories, real graduates. It’s always good to hear how alumni have found their way into the world of teaching.