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Center for Global Curriculum Studies

The Center for Global Curriculum Studies is an integral part of the Doctor of Education (EdD) degree program at SPU. Founded in 1993, the program's mission is to support the research and development work of School of Education faculty and graduate students by facilitating international connections in the field of education.

Center Activities

In the tradition of Seattle Pacific as a school that reaches out to others in order to engage the culture and change the world, the Center's history has been productive. While the work of the Center has focused historically on projects in Russia and China, over the past few years those efforts have expanded to include involvement with educational institutions from other countries such as the United Kingdom and Spain.

The Center makes international connections, particularly as they relate to comparative educational settings, possible for you through travel, writing, research, visiting scholars, and on-campus learning.

International Conferences

Frequent opportunities to attend international conferences are offered throughout the academic year. An SPU delegation regularly attends conferences in Russia, China, and the United Kingdom. Such opportunities include involvement in educational programs and conferences alongside a more cultural and tourist itinerary. Faculty and students often develop a strong spirit of collegiality as they travel and study together.

CGCS has also initiated a series of Conferences on the Social and Moral Fabric of School Life. To date, three separate conferences have been held, with the latest conference hosted by the University of Hull, England.

Visiting Scholars

The Center has sponsored scholarly visits for numerous professors and educational leaders from Russia and China. Such visits have left deep impressions on both guests and SPU faculty and students alike.

Doctoral Seminars and Independent Study

CGCS annually offers two on-campus doctoral seminars: "Research in Curriculum and Instruction" and "Trends and Research in Global Education." The Center also supports many doctoral students as they independently study related areas. CGCS has formal agreement protocols with universities in Russia, Germany, China, Taiwan, and Kazakhstan. Each year, opportunities for doctoral students and faculty to participate in conferences abroad and to conduct international research are made available.

New Opportunities

The Center continues to explore new opportunities for international involvement in accordance with its mission and welcomes any inquiries.

2017 Symposium: Educational Innovations Around the World

Attend this year's Symposium to learn from global scholars presenting on new research, development, trends, and innovation in education. Hosted at the SPU campus on June 28-30, 2017.

Honors From Russia

Honors From Russia

In 2007, the Russian Academy of Education chose a book by CGCS Director Art Ellis as the Educational Research Book of the Year.