Adolescent Cognition and Emotion (ACE) Lab​

Amy Mezulis, PhD
Professor of Clinical Psychology
Principal Investigator

The Adolescent Cognition and Emotion Lab (ACE Lab) is committed to understanding the dramatic rise in mood disorders and mood-related problems in adolescence. We are particularly interested in pathways to depression and self-injury. Our team specializes in understanding how youth respond emotionally, physiologically, and cognitively to both positive and stressful life events. 

SNAP4Kids-2 is a research study supported by a National Institute of Mental Health grant (2R15098294-02) to Dr. Mezulis.

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Current studies

SNAP4Kids-2 examines these processes in young adolescents (10- to 14-year-olds). Involvement in the study includes a series of questionnaires and three visits to our lab at Seattle Pacific University.

SASSY: Stress and Somatic Symptoms in Young Adults

The SASSY study examines the relationships between physiological markers — positive and negative events — and cognitive responses as they predict depressive and somatic symptoms among college students. Participants attend a laboratory visit that allows for collection of physiological data in addition to responding to a series of questionnaires. To learn more, contact Dr. Amy Mezulis at

The Post-traumatic Stress and Growth Study

This study examines the psychological wellbeing of SPU students, faculty, and staff following the June 5, 2014, shooting on the SPU campus.

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We are currently recruiting Seattle-area middle schoolers ages 10–14 to participate in a study examining how youth respond to positive and stressful life events.

Amy Mezulis

Why I Teach at SPU

Amy Mezulis, Professor of Clinical Psychology

“I teach at SPU because of its balanced perspective on training both scientists and practitioners of clinical psychology. Mentorship is also a key component of our PhD program, and I strongly value the opportunity to participate in a meaningful way in the professional development of our students.”