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Creating a Quarterly Calendar

Keep track of an entire quarter of quizzes, tests, and paper deadlines at a glance. This tool can also help you break your large tasks into manageable pieces. Download the Spring 2021 Quarterly Calendar and plan your quarter!

Creating a Weekly Calendar

Do you know where you spend your time? A weekly schedule will keep you focused on your academic goals — and help you plan for rest and fun. Want to download and customize your weekly schedule? Check out the weekly schedule template. 

Starting off Strong

Successful students build good habits! Use this two-week guide to help you have a strong start to the quarter.

Active Study Strategies

Discover how using active study strategies will help you understand and retain new information.

Graphic Organizers

If you’re a visual learner, this handout will give you a variety of visual models that you can use to organize your learning material.

5 Day Study Plan

Reduce those long nights and late-night caffeine highs with this five-day study plan. Spreading out your review over a few days won’t only help your health — you’ll actually remember more and feel more prepared.

Wide Margin Notes

The best-kept secret in college success is the wide-margin system of note taking. This system will keep you organized and double as a review tool when the time comes to study for exams. (Wide Margin Notes Template)

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Learn how faculty office hours at SPU can support student learning.

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