Private Tutors

Find or become a private tutor by contacting the Center for Learning at Seattle Pacific University.

To find a private tutor

  • Stop by the Center for Learning in Lower Moyer to see if faculty members have recommended tutors for your course. Our front desk staff will give you tutor names and contact information when available.
  • If no tutors have been recommended for the course you are taking, we will refer you to faculty members for the names of students who would be well-qualified tutors.
Private tutor session

To become a private tutor

Enrolled SPU undergraduate students who have a strong academic background in the courses they hope to tutor are welcome to pursue this opportunity.

To become a “faculty recommended” tutor, contact a faculty member who knows your academic performance in the subject area you would like to tutor.

  • If the faculty member chooses to recommend you, he or she should email, stating which courses you’re qualified to tutor. We will respond to you with further information.

To recommend yourself as a tutor, email

  • This option is for students who are new to SPU but have had previous experience as a tutor in other college or university settings.
  • Once we receive your message, we will respond with further information about pursuing this opportunity.

Private tutor FAQs

Have more questions? Email the Center for Learning at

Study tables with tutors

Group study

Trained peer tutors will host rooms where you can ask questions, do homework, or study for exams. You don’t need to make an appointment. Drop in as often as you want.

This service is free.

Private tutors

Private tutor

Faculty members sometimes recommend peer tutors. The cost for this service varies. Stop by the Center for Learning for tutor names, contact info, and costs.