Veterans in the SPU community

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The Seattle Pacific University community is proud to have men and women who have served, or now serve, in the U.S. armed forces. Here are some of their names and stories.

SPU student veterans

Megan Warth ’00

Called to the Crisis, Response magazine, Autumn 2020

Meaghan Menth ’16

From the Navy to the Lab, Response magazine, Autumn 2015

Jake Deshazer ’48

Flight Into Eternity, Response magazine, Spring 2014

More about SPU student veterans

As of Autumn Quarter 2020, 118 students are veterans and another 118 are family members of veterans. 

SPU undergraduate student veterans are now studying:

Art, Apparel Design, Biology, Communication, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Health/fitness, History, Music, Nursing, Nutrition, Philosophy, Political Science, Physiology, Psychology

SPU master’s degree student veterans are now studying:

Business, Creative Writing, Education, Theology

SPU doctoral student veterans are now studying:

Clinical Psychology, Education, Nursing, Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Faculty and staff veterans at SPU

  • Dale Cannavan, School of Health Sciences, British Army, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Corporal, 1986–1999.  
  • Pamela Stitzlein Davies, School of Health Sciences, US Army Nurses Corp, Captain, 11 years. 
  • Gerard Duguay, Computer and Information Systems, US Navy E5, 1977–1982. 
  •  John Godek III, School of Business, US Coast Guard, LT (0-3), 11 years.
  • Wade Grabow, Chemistry Department, U.S. Air Force, 2001–06.
  • Danny Helseth, College of Arts and Sciences; Music, WA Air National Guard, MSgt, First Sergeant, 194th Medical Group, four years active duty as a member of the Air Force Band, Washington, D.C., 10 years in the National Guard. 
  • Timothy Hisey, Computer and Information Systems, US Air Force BSN, Captain, six years, Strategic Air Command, MedEvac / ATH (Airborn Transportable Hospital).
  • Christine Hoyle, School of Health Sciences, US Navy, Lieutenant, six years. 
  • Frank A. Kinard, Mailing Services, U.S. Army, SFC (E-7) Retired, 21 years, 7 months, 11 days, 7:30 hours.
  • Neil P. Mikhail Roque, University Communications, US Navy, AZ2 (AW/SW) 2010–2014.
  • Rodney Stiling, History Department, U.S. Navy, 1972–76; U.S. Navy Reserve, Captain, 1976–2002.
  • Bill Woodward, History Department, Washington Army National Guard, Lieut. Col., 1972–1997.  

If you are an SPU faculty or staff member who’s a veteran, not on this list, and want to be included, please contact

2013 Veteran Day Forum

Memorial Plaque

Visit the Veterans memorial plaque in Alexander Hall, which honors our students and alumni who gave their lives in service.

Veterans plaque