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Please review the following guidelines before clicking "Submit Your Event" at the bottom of the page.

The SPU Master Calendar provides a centralized collection of campus events and deadlines. The calendar is as complete and accurate as possible, but there is no guarantee that all items are included, nor that all changes to events have been reflected. For additional follow-up, questions, or verification of details, please contact the contact person on the individual event, or the appropriate calendar manager.

General Guidelines
Please review these guidelines before submitting your event

  • University Only Events: Only University-sponsored events and activities will be included on the calendar. This includes departments, organizations, and clubs.
  • Confirmed Events Only: Submission of events should only be made after the event is approved by the sponsoring department and primary details are finalized. Please do not post "tentative" items. Submission of events should be made by an official representative of the sponsoring department, organization, or club.
  • Submit Well in Advance: Once an item is submitted, it will be reviewed and approved prior to being listed on the calendar. It is recommended that you submit your items well in advance of the event/deadline to allow sufficient time for the item to be reviewed.
  • Not All Events Will be Listed: In order to maintain a manageable number of items on the master calendar, approval of events/deadlines will be at the discretion of each calendar manager. Events with a narrow audience or interest will generally not be approved.
  • Items May Be Modified: Calendar managers may modify descriptions or other details for consistency, clarity, and format, or request that the event planner do so before approving the event.
  • Review Your Events: Most events submitted for inclusion on the calendar will be reviewed within one week. Please review your events after they are listed on the calendar to verify information accuracy. Changes to your event after it has been published must be made through the same method used to submit the event (RoomFinderMaster Calendar, or EMS Client).

For more information on the SPU Master Calendar or on how to submit an event: