Academic Load

Enrollment status for graduate degree and certificate students is determined by the following:

  • Full time: 6 or more credits 
  • Three-quarter time: 4–5 credits 
  • Half time: 3 credits
  • Quarter time: 1–2 credits

A matriculated student may take no more than 15 credits of 6000- and 7000-level work in one quarter without permission of the program coordinator. A non-matriculated student may take no more than 6 credits in a quarter.

During the Summer Sessions, master’s and doctoral students should take no more than 6 credits in any four-week period. 

Students employed full time should take no more than 8 credits per quarter. Financial-aid recipients must carry a minimum of 3 regular on-campus credits to receive financial aid.

As a graduate student, you may, with prior permission, take courses concurrently elsewhere, provided your combined load does not total more than the number of credits permitted as a normal graduate load for the registration period.