Costs and Financial Aid

The clock tower on Seattle Pacific University's Demaray Hall in the spring.
Seattle Pacific University is committed to providing high-quality Christian education at a reasonable price. Financial assistance is available to qualified students on a limited basis.

All expenditures related to educational and support activities are carefully planned and budgeted. SPU’s trustees, president, provost, and administrators are committed to a high level of stewardship in the handling of Seattle Pacific’s financial resources, with a goal of maintaining financial stability for current and future students.

All programs and policies at the University are under continual review. Therefore, SPU reserves the right to change its financial aid awards, policies or charges at any time without previous notice. After the beginning of a quarter, however, no change will be made that is effective within that quarter.

Student Financial Services provides service to students regarding tuition and fees, payments on accounts, financial aid, student employment, and other financial assistance. While every effort has been made to provide helpful and understandable explanations of the University’s fees and financial policies, you still may have questions, and SFS staff is prepared to assist.

What tuition and fees cover

Your tuition and fees at Seattle Pacific University cover:

  • Direct instructional costs
  • A wide range of student and academic support services such as guidance services.
  • Admission to university athletic events.

All tuition, fees, and other charges stated in this publication are payable in U.S. dollars.

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