Other Washington State Associate Degrees

Associate of science-transfer degree options 1 and 2

While SPU recognizes the Associate of Science-Transfer (AS-T) degree Option 1 and Option 2 from Washington state community and technical colleges, the AS-T does not fulfill the same course requirements as the Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) associate degree. The primary purpose of the AS-T degrees is to help you complete most of the lower-division coursework for your science major before you transfer, so you are prepared to begin taking junior-level courses in your program.

If you have earned, prior to matriculation at SPU, an Associate of Science-Transfer degree Option 1 or 2, you will generally enter with junior standing, in which case you will be required to take only two of the three required University Foundations courses, UFDN 3001 Christian Scriptures and UFDN 3100 Christian Theology. 

At least 15 credits of your transfer coursework in humanities and social sciences will be used to fulfill SPU’s humanities and social science requirements, whether or not the courses match SPU requirements on a course by course basis. However, you will need to complete additional general education and University requirements prior to graduation.

Associate of applied sciences-transfer and other professional/technical associate degrees

If you have earned, prior to matriculation at SPU, an Associate of Applied Science-Transfer degree from a Washington state community or technical college, you are eligible to apply for admission to the Professional Studies program. Students who have earned a different professional or technical degree from a Washington state community or technical college are eligible to apply for the Professional Studies Program if they have earned a minimum GPA of 2.5 in at least 20 college level liberal arts credits from the academic areas of English Composition, Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Mathematics.

Students in the Professional Studies program follow an alternative degree curriculum. General Education requirements may be satisfied through transfer classes reviewed on a course-by-course basis.

Students admitted to this program complete an academic minor at SPU and earn a Professional Studies major. Generally, these students enter SPU with 90 credits and junior standing, which exempts them from University Foundations 1000, one of the three UFDN courses required for all SPU students.

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