Applying as an International Student

SPU welcomes international student applications, and is eager to have qualified students from a variety of geographic and cultural backgrounds join our academic community. SPU also seeks to admit students who would most benefit from the distinctives of the institution. 

International students are non-immigrants to the United States who are admitted to the country on a temporary U.S. visa (most commonly an F-1 student visa). U.S. citizens, permanent residents, naturalized citizens, and undocumented students are not considered international students.

Non-matriculated international students 

In order to enroll in courses at Seattle Pacific University, non-matriculated international students (those who have not formally been admitted to the University) who are non-native English speakers must first submit an acceptable official English proficiency test score to the Registration Office in Student Academic Services. In addition, non-matriculated students must submit required government documentation to International Student Services no later than the first day of the quarter in which they are enrolled.

Undergraduate international students may take no more than 45 quarter credits toward a degree without being formally admitted to Seattle Pacific University. Post-baccalaureate students are limited to 15 such credits.