F-1 Student Request Forms

While studying in the US in F-1 visa status, there are many immigration rules and regulations to uphold. Learn more here about maintaining F-1 status. Though the ISS Team may advise you on how to keep your SEVIS record current and within regulatory guidelines, ultimately maintaining F-1 status is student responsibility and must go through the formal request process. Please use these Adobe forms to make requests for F-1 benefits or updates.


  1. Carefully follow the instructions on the Adobe form. Transfer Out and OPT forms only require Signer 1, in which case after student completion the form will automatically be sent to ISS. All other forms will have separate sections for Signer 1 and Signer 2. The student is Signer 1.
  2. After section 1 is filled it out, it will then ask for Signer 2’s name and email address. Signer 2 will be either the academic counselor or faculty advisor.
  3. Once completed, it will automatically be sent to ISS for processing.

You are responsible for ensuring your SEVIS record and I-20 remain accurate during your studies on your F-1 visa. You must keep every I-20 even after you graduate. The ISS Team may keep files for a few years after your degree completion but cannot guarantee kept files beyond this time. It is possible you will need past I-20s and documentation to apply for future immigration benefits.


Concurrent Enrollment Form

If you will be taking a class (in-person or online) at another institution, you must submit a Concurrent Enrollment request. Undergraduate students are eligible for concurrent enrollment only according to SPU's academic policies. See Enrollment at Other Institutions for policies and instructions. Graduate students must discuss permission for concurrent enrollment with their faculty advisor.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Form

If you have an eligible CPT opportunity, then you must submit a CPT Request. Curricular Practical Training (CPT) authorization is a requirement for F-1 students whose program of study demands an internship. Please note: Signer 2 of this Adobe Form will be someone in your academic department who approves internships. You cannot begin your internship until it is authorized on your I-20 by ISS. 

Final Quarter of Study Form

A student may request a reduced course load registering for only the number of credits needed to complete the degree in their final quarter. The student may not take “0” credits, and their final credits may not be online only unless the student plans to exit the U.S. to complete studies. Please note: you must submit this form at the start of your final quarter. 

Program Extension Request Form

If you need additional time to complete your program of study beyond the end date listed on your I-20, you must submit this form at least 30 days before that end date. Failure to request an extension of your I-20 will result in the termination of your SEVIS record and loss of F-1 status. Please note: Signer 2 must be someone who can confirm a student’s anticipated program completion. 

Reduced Course Load for Academic Difficulties Form (1st Quarter)

A student may request a Reduced Course Load (RCL) Academic Difficulties if the circumstance meets the criteria outlined by immigration regulations. This request must be in the first quarter at SPU, and it must be authorized by ISS. 

Reduced/No Course Load for Medical Need Form

A student may request a Reduced Course Load (RCL): Medical Need if the circumstance meets the circumstance outlined by immigration regulations. This request must be submitted with all documentation before any courses are formally withdrawn. A request for a reduced course load must be supported by ISS.

Transfer Out Request Form

If a student needs to request a transfer of their SEVIS record to a new institution, then they will need to complete a Transfer Out Request. This request will require an admission letter from the new school with a start date in under 5 months. If you do not know the new school’s SEVIS code, you can ask the admissions contact at the new school