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The Quest for Schools That Work

Conversations on Education with David Brooks, Tavis Smiley, and Diane Ravitch


Wanted: Great Teachers

Experts Search for the Secrets of Master Educators


Bright Ideas

Innovations for Today's Students and Today's Schools


Generations of Innovators

Highlights of Teacher Training at Seattle Pacific


Born Ready

What Children’s Brains Tell Us About Education


Read Up

SPU’s Literacy Program Is Changing How Kids Encounter Words


The End of the Book

As Books Change Form, It's Time to Remember Their Purpose



The World Acting Globally

Impact on Reentry

Study Shows Summer Trips Have a Long-Term Effect

Orphan Advocate Helps U.S. and Ukranian Families Adopt


The City Urban Perspectives

City Without Walls

Students and Tent City Residents Share Campus Life

Humility and Leadership: David Brooks Headlines 2012 Event


The Bible & Theology Toward Christian Maturity

Close to Corinth

1 Corinthians is a Snapshot of God's Care for the Church

Theology, Psychology, and Health Care Meet in Discussions of Disability

Alumnus Speaks on the Bible in a Digital Age


Arts & Culture Faithful Creativity

Lingua's Everchanging Llama

Journal Embraces a New Spirit of Collaboration

Students Aid Professor in Stroke Recovery


Athletics The Scholar-Athlete

40 Years of Crew

Alumni and Students Compete at Anniversary Event

From Upset to Regionals, Basketball Marks a Sweet 16 Season

Another Hall of Fame for Foreman


Alumni A World Community

With a “Flourish”

At Homecoming 2012, Alumni Gather for Celebrations

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