Anna Martell

Design has not always been my intended career or field of study. However, in my study of design, I have found that the way that I see the world around me is conducive with the design mindset. I have a deep passion for finding ways to create physical and visual representations of ideas and concepts. The process of designing is exciting and gives me a sense of personal fulfillment. I am excited to see what the next step is in my personal design journey.

VIBE Brand Identity

VIBE is a fictional design company I created that uses the hummingbird mark to illustrate the company’s mission to provide sleek fast design to their clientele. The branding includes a low key tone palette with vibrant hints. I was inspired by the motion and dynamic nature of humming bird wings.

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GOTHAM Website

To quote the site a “no-nonsense business beauty” this website uses its dynamic motion to showcase the typography and keeps the audience engaged in the information, since the content discusses how to properly abide by End User Licensing Agreements.

Link: Watch the demo video

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GARDEN Brand Identity

Garden is one of my favorite personal projects. I was inspired to create a Brand Identity that would embody this hobby that has always been a passion of mine. For this project I photographed several arrangements of pressed flowers and used those photographs as the basis for my branding system.

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Discovering Typography Abroad Booklet

This project, “Discovering Typography Abroad,” documents my various daily encounters with typography in Rome. This project was particularly exciting for me, because it has given me an opportunity to share a wonderful experience in Rome, as well as providing a typographical study of Rome.

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Virtuous Circle Brand Identity

Virtuous Circle is a collaborative effort between Allison Kennedy, Hayley McNeil and myself to produce a brand identity for a start up financial aid organization. We had annual meetings with a representative of the company, and presented our culminating work to the company’s directors. It was an excellent project and provided me with a wonderful experience working with a client.

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Mico Typeface

The process of researching and developing my own typeface, packaging it as a font, and displaying it in this project was a great experience in the application of my studies in typography. It was a hands-on opportunity to solidify my understanding of the process of creating a font, and has helped me to gain an even greater appreciation for the development of different typefaces.

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