Paige Miller

I was fortunate to discover my niche in art and design. With a love for the classic, I’m inspired by the adaptation of traditional to modern. I enjoy finding new approaches in life and look forward to finding ways to communicate that passion within design.

Davila Branding

Davila Design is the manufacturer of handmade modern furniture. Inspired by the natural urban environment, we believe that good design makes us more appreciative participants in our world and allows us to embrace originality. The Davila Branding system, complete with letterhead, business cards, website and mobile design, encompasses Davila’s vision of crafted beauty. The logo adds sophistication and a defining voice.

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Davila’s logo and color palette

Davila Product Catalog

Specializing in handcrafted and original designs that speak craft and permanence, Davila Design and Architecture (DDA) brings personal art pieces into your life and home. This catalog tells our company’s story and includes current furniture pieces from the 2014 collection. This catalog is designed with thought and purpose, giving the viewer a sense of the Davila brand at a glance.

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Cover of Davila Catalog, Summer Issue

Child Hunger Information Design

Client: Union Gospel Mission
Obstacles: to design an information graphic that tells a story. Must present factual claims that will educate the masses on the growing issue of child hunger.
Goal: to design a poster that caters to a wide audience, possesses factual information, and is visually appealing
Link: Child Hunger Informational Video

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Both Sides of Child Hunger Awareness Poster

Virtuous Circle Website

A Non-Profit Financial Aid Institution, Specializing in a Pay-It-Forward Approach to higher education
Goals: To create an enduring branding system that displays the companies community driven approach. The design aesthetic and marketing strategies must display trustworthiness and approachability above all else, catering to both students and donors alike.

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Website and Mobile design

Virtuous Circle Branding Systems

Two case studies into the Virtuous Circle Financial Aid Brand. Both identity systems possess a strong and multi functional logo design. The first is a more minimal approach to the companies idea of an interwoven community. The second combines a friendly color palette with an enduring mark.

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Initial Mark Showing Size Variation

Type Magazine

Type publication is a celebration of the visual world. Using minimal graphic elements, pink transparency, and striking photography, this magazine has a unique perspective and a voice all its own.

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