Brooke Snyder

“Shower, keep clean, enjoy colors and animals. People, if possible.”
-Slyvia Plath

Group Posters

Posters were used to advertise for group, a weekly worship service put on by students of Seattle Pacific University. Each quarter focuses in on a single book of the Bible. These specific posters are for The Gospel of Luke and The Book of Revelation.

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The theme of the “upsidedown kingdom” was the major inspiration for this design.

Seattle’s At Risk Youth

Two large-scale information graphics. The first displays statistics about Seattle’s at risk youth and the difficulties they face. The second shows what can be done to help prevent a child from being labeled “at risk,” and how Union Gospel Mission is working meet these needs.

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The overall design is meant to appear urban and gritty, with saturated color to contrast.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Title sequence for the 2004 film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Inspired by the fluidity and inconsistency of memory. Stylized to appear disordered, blurred, and grainy. Text was treated to correspond to the films themes of temporality and loss. Edited and rendered in After Effects.

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By And By

This zine was a personal project to bring together my own photography with the artist work of those close to me. The design is very simple, with mostly black and white photos and minimal text. The aesthetic is meant to appear hand-made and replicable.

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The cover image is blurred and abstract to express emotion rather than subject.

Bee Well Kombucha

Packaging for a holistically-focused beverage company. This design is both natural and illustrative, with selective, saturated colors and rough lines. Simplicity, uniqueness, and serenity are meant to be felt when enjoying kombucha, and this design reflects those emotions as well.

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The design takes up minimal space to better show the beautiful color of the beverage.

Bee Well Branding

This branding system is meant to go along with the Bee Well beverage packaging. Again the themes of cleanness and vitality are present within the business papers for this company. The use of color as well as illustration is selective, fitting with the brands down-to-earth design.

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Each piece is meant to stand well alone, or together. Minimal color helps highlight the logo.